Fruity-Life Varsity Football Championship is a first-of-its-kind league in Nigeria as nothing of this nature has ever been done in Nigeria. This is a competition where universities in Nigeria engage in the game of Football, within a period of two months, for championship. This competition will hold biennially (every two years) starting from next year.

Universities will bid at least one year before every championship in order to host the Championship. The University with the most vote will be chosen to host the Championship. The tournament will start mid May 2017 and end mid July 2017. All rules guiding football matches will also hold in this Championship. During the match Fruity-Life will sensitize the audience on healthy living and our healthy packages. Participants representing the university must be Students of the University they are representing.


Fruity-Life; registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria; produces a variety of freshly made fruit drinks and organizes health-based events.


To nourish nations with our fruit drinks and health packages


To make available healthy fruit drinks and foster healthy living habits at the most affordable rates, with ease of access.


  • To sensitize the general populace on the importance of consuming our health packages via engaging activities.
  • To make our health packages very affordable, so that everyone can have a chance at a healthy lifestyle.
  • To have several outlets in almost every major location in the nation.


  1. We believe with a larger amount of healthy people we can have a stronger nation.
  2. We believe with a larger amount of healthy people we can have a stronger nation.
  3. We’ll help promote healthy lifestyle that is affordable and accessible.
  4. Seeing we have been doing this for years we have the experiential knowledge on approaches and products that will appeal to your community.