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Q. What are the participation requirements of the universities?

  • Team must consist of registered students of the University they are representing.
  • Only one team can represent any University.
  • The character of each member of any team must be certified by the school in writing
  • Each team must comprise of 18 players (11 players and 7 substitutes)
  • The C.G.P.A of each team member must constantly improve in order to remain in the team.

Q.How can universities support?

Fruity-Life will require the support of the participating Universities in the following areas:

  • SPORT FACILITY: During the Championship, Over 100 matches will be played – from the qualifier matches to the televised matches. Hence we will require your football fields and other football related facility in order for some Championship matches to be played in your school.
  • ADVERT SPOTS: We will require 2 spots where we’ll place banners by which we will be able to sensitize the general populace in your community about upcoming matches and events.
  • UNIVERSITY LOGO: your university logo will be used on our back drops, other banners and our several advert platforms for your support of the Championship.
  • TRANSPORTATION: During the Qualifiers, matches will be played in several Universities in Nigeria and there will be need to transport the players to the various locations. Each University will be required to take care of their various transportation modes.

Q.How can I apply to make my university the host university?

Bidding will take place before any University can host the Fruity-Life Varsity Football Championship. There will also be some requirements that the Host University must put in place before they can host the Championship. These will be discussed below.

  • The host school must be able to accommodate the 32 teams and their supports during the Championship.
  • The host school must have a standard football field and facility. Also the host school is expected to have two open spaces that can be used for training for the teams.
  • The host school is expected to provide adequate security throughout the Championship.
  • There should be adequate sitting area around the stadium – the sitting capacity should not be less than 4,000.
  • There must be a section reserved for the media AND V.I.P.
  • There must be security vehicles and ambulances around the stadium during every game.
  • The stadium should have dressing rooms and access routes
  • The host must have a designated place to display Fruity-Life health packages. And only vendors approved by Fruity-Life should be permitted in and around the field during the championship.
  • Cabins must be created for Press, Radio, television, blogs and group press.
  • The Host is expected to provide Energy and lighting during the championship.

Q.How does Fruity-Life help during the tournament?

In every match Fruity-Life will be giving out free health materials and also making available our health packages and menu plans that will aid healthy living.

Fruity-Life will have pre-match and half-time events where we sensitize the audience (both in the stadium and watching on tv) about healthy living and our health packages.

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